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Brian Miller

Mortgage Originator
NMLS #2304017


I am a husband of over 30 years. I have six amazing children. Ages are 30 years old down to 8 years old. I have two beautiful grandchildren. Ages 7 years old and 3 weeks old. As Zig Ziglar said,” If I would have known how great being a grandparent would be, I would have been nicer to their parents”. Our youngest two are adopted. We were foster parents for a couple of years and decided to adopt the youngest two because their parents couldn’t meet the state requirements. It is very rewarding; I highly recommend it. I joined the Army right out of high school. I was in a combat unit as a tanker. I started my sales career shortly after I got out of the Army. I started as a telemarketer and worked my way up to Director of Sales. I also joined the Army National Guard as a tanker. I used my GI bill to get my B.S. degree at Bellevue University. I then joined a team to sell telecom products and eventually started my own company and we bought, sold and repaired microwave radio, central office, power and data products for 17 years. I also started a landscaping company for my son to manage during this time. I worked at Rocket Mortgage for a bit and learned purchasing, refinance as well as HELs. I took the SAFE exam and passed it as well as passing and getting licenses for 13 states. I recently worked for an internet and phone service company but missed the mortgage industry and I am excited to be back at it again! I am happy to be a part of Arbor Bank. We can help you with all your banking needs. I will focus on the mortgage side, but Arbor Bank has all the banking tools!